About Mundus Security

Mundus Security is a new type of smart contract audit company that is redefining the industry standards. We identify and assist with the most crucial aspects for any founder: making your products invulnerable to attacks, expanding your user base, and securing funds from investors. Unlike most firms that provide a pdf report and then "disappear", we offer an ongoing partnership that extends well beyond the audit.

Our experienced team has contributed to the security of numerous renowned projects such as MahaDAO, Aspis Finance, AAVE, 1inch, Yearn, Moonwell, and many more. We take immense pride in our work and the contributions we've made to the security of these projects.

How We Protect Your Web 3.0 Project

  • Pre-audit consulting

    Leveraging our extensive experience, we assist you and your tech team in planning the audit. This is particularly beneficial if you're navigating through your first audit. We understand the challenges and can guide you through the process.
  • Best-in-class smart contract audits that you can trust

    Our smart contract security audits are thorough and fast, examining every line of code. We utilize proprietary tools and automation software to ensure nothing is overlooked.
  • Post-audit consulting

    After identifying issues, we don't just leave you to fix them. We assist in resolving these issues in the most efficient way possible, ensuring your project's security is enhanced.
  • Reports designed to drive user and investor engagement

    We provide advice on how to market the audit to your community and investors. Our reports are crafted in a way that your stakeholders can easily understand. We even assist with marketing the reports and host AMAs on security with our clients!
  • Work side by side with your engineers

    We value your team's focus and ensure they are not distracted from their primary task of building. We work in harmony with your team, providing support without causing disruption.
  • Network of partners

    We open our network of partners to you, which could provide insurance, infrastructure, market-making services, and business tools for your project. We believe in the power of collaboration and shared success.
And of course, we never compromise on quality and take a comprehensive 360-degree view on your security. We act as your long-term partner, caring about every aspect of your project's security. If we see vulnerabilities in deployment beyond smart contracts code, we take action. That's why we've developed a special offering Deployment Check.