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Improving the Web3 security

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with It is a next-generation security company that provides real-time detection and prevention of crypto attacks for web3 and a decentralized economy.

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Fortify Blockchain Security

With real-time detection and prevention of malicious crypto activities, Mundus Security with Cyvers team unleash the true potential of blockchain technology, making it a secure foundation for various applications.

24/7 Monitoring and Response

Cyvers continuously monitors the blockchain environment, identifying and responding to threats around the clock, ensuring uninterrupted security.

Advanced Threat Intelligence

Through comprehensive security analysis by Mundus Security and multi-dimensional assessments, we are able to collect invaluable threat intelligence, enabling more accurate detection and timely response.

Key features:

Cyvers, as a next-generation security company, offers real-time detection and prevention of crypto attacks tailored to web3 and the decentralized economy. It takes a proactive approach to ensure that the blockchain's potential is fortified and free from malicious activities.

  • Screen: Building a cross-blockchain meta graph is essential to our security solution. By scanning off-chain business data, smart contracts, and major blockchain networks, we ensure comprehensive monitoring of potential threats in real-time.

  • Detect: state-of-the-art detection system analyzes the cross-blockchain graph, looking for anomalies and possible threats. This includes identifying attack patterns and indicators of illicit behavior that could compromise the integrity of the blockchain.

  • Respond: Time is of the essence when dealing with potential crypto attacks. By leveraging the "golden window" in threat response mechanism, preventing the registry of malicious activity on the blockchain before it can gain traction.

  • Pricing advantages: Mundus Security could help to estimate scope for monitoring solution based on your custom needs, depending on number of contracts. We also have bundle offer of audit + proactive monitoring with substantial discount for long-term package.

Contact us to embrace a secure and robust decentralized economy with Proactive Web3 Security. Our dedicated service is aimed at enhancing the security landscape of the blockchain, offering unmatched protection against crypto threats.
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